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South Bend homeless Awareness Campaign 

The South Bend Center for the Homeless commissioned our "Design for Social Good" class to create campaigns to boost their donations in November of 2014. My group's target audience was the on-campus student body. 

We felt that that to play to this demographic they key was humor and being in as many places as possible. We thought that change in normalcy would make our installations "instagrammable" and that our message could then be spread on social media too. 

The overall goal was not only to raise awareness about the local South Bend community needs, but also generate donations. 


Concept and Deliverables

Our group decided upon the slogan "Give a Shirt About the Homeless," as a punny attention-grabber. We created cardboard signs with eye-opening statistics that were displayed on the benches across campus. Additionally, we created hang tags that were placed on doorknobs in the dorms. On the tags were a list of the Center's needs.

We also decided to bundle some of the campus statues in warm weather gear. Because of their constant exposure to the cold, they parallel the plight of the homeless who also have no shelter. The religious aspect of many of the statues also keeps the issue tied to Notre Dame's and the Catholic Church's mission of service. 


The Reaction

The campaign was highly successful and despite the snow and thanks to spray on lacquer our signs stay up for over a week. We were able to generate some buzz on social media and our donations boxes filled quickly and continued to be filled throughout the end of the semester.