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During the summer of 2015 I had the opportunity to live and work in Johannesburg, South Africa from June-August through the Notre Dame International Summer Service Learning Program. 

Through the program I was able with a team of other designers to work on continuing social development projects, that were started in the fall of 2014 and that aim to better the impoverished neighborhood of Jeppestown, about a mile outside of the Johannesburg city center. 

The projects, entitled Enza, focus around a sewing initiative and a heating project. The project's goals are multi-faceted—to provide jobs to the community, while also creating projects that suited to the community needs. 

Personally, my work was in the sewing initiative. Each day I worked with unemployed mothers of the community, teaching them how to sew, maintain machines, and read and follow patterns. Taking from what I learned daily from the women, we are hoping to transition the information and instructions into print materials that can promote the replication of the initiative in other in-need communities. 

In a hope to further the flourishing of these projects, our team applied, and won, a 2015 Sappi Ideas That Matter grant. Below is the application that further details out the initiative, the design research behind them, and the physical products. 

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The grant application was designed by Abbey Dankoff (Notre Dame, 2016)