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Union Station technology Center & Global Access Point

Union Station Technology Center and Global Access Point are two up- and-coming companies which focus on data real estate and enterprise. Both companies have missions which coincide with one another. Their specialties paired together in the same locations give a desirable product and capital to clients.

Because these two companies work so well together in the world of technology, they have the need to also work well together in terms of a visual identity. As they emerge, the companies need more concrete identities that can advance them in the business world.

Under the same parent company of Union Station Properties, it is only smart that the two companies share some of the same visual attributes. 



Union Station Technology

This proposed identity, using a geometric typeface and sharp technological colors, echoes the feeling of power and strength. This new identity is clean and professional. It is meant to reflect power and innovation, giving USTC a platform on which the company can blossom. 

The design of the mark is meant to coincide with the art deco style of Union Station's historic space, while still looking modern.


Global Access Point

The new logo shares similarities with the Union Station logo. They are tied together yet still distinct. Similar to the USTC logo, this logo is a geometric shape that has no beginning or end. The square is an infinite form, yet this particular square is even more striking. The logo has an Escher-esque concept of warped perspective. The perspective, shown through the displacement of color, indicates that the square could tilt either way in a three- dimensional context. 


To explain and layout the choices for the new identities and to show how they visually fit together, I created a manual. The manual shows the consistencies and choices that should be made for the identities. 

Branding Manual and Proposal